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A wholesale Jewish bakery serving the Bay Area for over 50 years — making every day a challah-day.

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Authentic Bagels @ Grand Bakery

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Bagel Shop Pop Ups & Fresh Bagels Everyday!

That’s right folks, we’re scone cold serious and we knead you to know! Authentic Bagel Company has teamed up with Grand Bakery to bring you a classic hand rolled, boiled and baked bagel.

We’re making fresh bagels daily! You can hop over to our online store and place an order to pickup from the bakery, or grab a 3-pack from one of our retail partners including The Food Mill, Rocky’s Market, Piedmont Grocery, Mulberry’s Market, Farmer Joe’s, Mollie Stone’s and more. Want our bagels at your local grocery? Let us know! We’ll make that happen!!



Grand Bakery is a storied food institution that brings delicious, traditionally Jewish goods to a broad and diverse community. We've been baking in Oakland since 1959, and after a brief hiatus, we've rolled up our sleeves once more, and are back in action.

Today, we have transitioned Grand Bakery to a wholesale business. We sell our challah and other baked goods to stores, schools, and institutions throughout the Bay Area — so you can get Grand Bakery products no matter where you live. We also cater special orders and deliver to schools and community centers.

Whether you grew up on Grand Bakery, or are new and curious what this challah-bread is all about, we're thrilled to serve you.

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Grand Bakery makes high-quality, handcrafted kosher baked goods for the Bay Area community. We specialize in challah, a braided egg bread similar to brioche, honey cakes, a moist spiced loaf, and Hamentashen, a jam-filled shortbread cookie. We also make a mean Russian Tea cookie, delicious almond logs, and the best chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons you've ever had. Find us all over the Bay.

Want something special? Get in touch and we'll see what we can do to make your baked good dreams come true.


Grand Bakery's production bakery is co-located above the Food Mill at 3033 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland.

You can find Grand Bakery products at grocery stores, schools, synagogues, and delis throughout the Bay Area.


East BAY

Diablo Foods

Lunardi's - Walnut Creek

Lunardi's - Danville

Draeger’s Market - Blackhawk Plaza

San Francisco

Mollie Stone's - Pacific Heights

Mollie Stone's - Portola

Mollie Stone’s - Castro

Andronico's Community Market - Inner Sunset

Safeway - Bernal Heights

Safeway - Market

Golden Natural Foods

New World Market - Outer Richmond


The Food Mill

Safeway - Broadway

Oakland Kosher

Rocky's Market

Piedmont Grocery

Farmer Joe's - Fruitvale

Farmer Joe's - MacArthur

Mulberry's Market

Village Market


Mollie Stone's - Sausalito

Mollie Stone's - Greenbrae

Safeway Community Market - San Anselmo


Berkeley Bowl - Main

Berkeley Bowl - West

Monterey Market

Saul's Restaurant & Delicatessen

Safeway Community Market - Shattuck

Safeway Community Market - Solano


Mollie Stone's - Palo Alto

Piazza’s Fine Foods - Palo Alto

Piazza’s Fine Foods - San Mateo

Draeger’s Market - San Mateo

Draeger’s Market - Los Altos

Draeger’s Market - Menlo Park

Robert’s Market - Woodside

Bianchini’s - Portola Valley

Safeway Community Market - Los Altos

Lunardi’s - Los Gatos

Lunardi’s - San Jose

Lunardi’s - Bascom

Lunardi’s Belmont

Lunardi’s San Bruno

Lunardi’s Burlingame


Want to place an order or carry Grand Bakery products at your grocery store, restaurant, or school?

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Former Grand Bakery owner, Bob Jaffe (left) with new owner, Sam Tobis (right), along with Mr. Moochie, the pup (center).

Former Grand Bakery owner, Bob Jaffe (left) with new owner, Sam Tobis (right), along with Mr. Moochie, the pup (center).


Opened originally in 1959 as the New Yorker Bakery, Grand Bakery has evolved many times in its 50+ year history. Bob Jaffe took the helm of the iconic institution in 1998 and steered the bakery with a warm smile and a grateful spirit for 18 years.

In 2017, New York-native Sam Tobis bought Grand Bakery and took a hard tac — parting ways with the original storefront, while maintaining all other aspects of the business. In this latest evolution, Grand Bakery has become a wholesale and special-order bakery, now serving our community around the Bay once again.

We have the same bakers, the same challah, working in a new location, serving you with the same spirit you've always loved.

Grand Bakery's mission is enable bring people to gather around food and ritual. We deliver kosher goods to communities all over the Bay Area, and foster friendships between people of all walks of life.

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Grand Bakery Orders

We deliver kosher baked goods to stores, delis, temples, and restaurants all over the Bay Area — from Sacramento to Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and Marin. If you're interested in carrying our products, get in touch below.

If you just want a loaf or two, or some cookies, you can place a special order for pick-up at The Food Mill (3033 MacArthur Blvd).

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